How the Zero Waste Box™ System Works

The Zero Waste Box™ system is the all-in-one recycling solution from TerraCycle® that can be used by everyone to recycle everything.

It is easy to make a positive impact and reduce what you send to landfill. The Zero Waste Box system is a perfect option for any home, school, or business.

Find out which Zero Waste Box is right for you with this short quiz.

How It Works

Order - Select a Zero Waste Box based on what you would like to recycle.

Collect - Fill your box with the accepted waste.

Ship - Using the pre-paid UPS shipping label affixed to the back of your box, send your filled box to TerraCycle for recycling

Reorder - Continue to recycle everything and reorder a new Zero Waste Box.


How We Recycle

Everything collected through the Zero Waste Box system is sorted and processed into raw materials that can be reused instead of being sent to landfill. Read below to learn how different types of materials are recycled.

  • PLASTICS: Plastics are separated by number, melted down, and turned into pellets that can be moulded and extruded to produce new products.
  • METALS: Metals are separated by type and smelted into ingots for reuse.
  • GLASS: Glass is cleaned and sorted by colour for processing. It is then crushed and melted to be used in new glass products.
  • ORGANICS: Organics are composted or used in industrial and commercial fertilisers.
  • FIBRES: Fibres will be hydropulped to separate out wax or plastic coatings. The separated fibre will be recycled into new paper products, or composted if recycling is not possible. Any resulting plastics will be recycled into plastic polymers.
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